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DAYS couples?


I was just wondering with all the couples in DAYS seeming to be in a turmoil at the same time...imagine that? lol. Who believes is the better couple out of the following and why? I just figure this could be a great topic to discuss in general since we all talk about it.
Leave your choice in commments and ur reasons!

Bo and Hope OR Bo and Billie
Bo and Hope OR Patrick and Hope

Shawn and Belle OR Shawn and Mimi (Should Belle stay with Philip?)

Austin and Carrie OR Austin and Sami
Lucas and Carrie OR Lucas and Sami

Lexi and Abe OR Lexi and Tek

John and Marlena OR Alex and Marlena *OR* (although they arent trying to get back together now) Roman and Marlena

As for my opinions on it all I would like the following....

Bo and Hope: Just because I dont like Billie with Bo...I mean she doesnt seem as devilish as she use to be I still dont think her and Bo go good together.

I do kind of like Hope and Patrick together but if they get married the Patrick would be not only Mimi's brother but Mimi's father in law.

Shawn and Mimi: I just like mimi better. YES! I know shes keepign a horrible secret and she should of came out with it, but Belle is nothing but a whiney bitch to say the least. As for Philip and Belle well I use to want them together SOOO bad...I thought they'd make the PERFECT couple...but of course Belle cant get over Shawn so i think she should be alone and not string Philip along but hell i mean who HAS expressed intrest in Philip? Chloe?

Austin and Carrie: Just cause they look better together and have a better history besides the whole Mike thing wasnt nearly as bad as when Sami was with Austin.

Sami and Lucas: Just cause I have always loved there love/hate relationship. And come on! who doesnt love LUMI scenes!

Lexi and Tek: just cause obviously shes not in love with Abe anymore and needs to let it go...

ROMAN and MARLENA!!!: Screw JOHN! and screw nasty ass Alex!

John belongs with KATE!!!

AND i wish I could just tell Belle and Lexi DONT STAY TOGETHER FOR THE KID!!!!! IT IS NOT A GOOD THING!!!

Oh and Lexi is just as bad as Sami I wish people would just realize it!
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