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Like sand through the hourglass so are the Days Of Our Lives....

Watch the drama FLY!
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Hey all, this is a Days of Our Lives fan community that likes to talk about recent events and characters.

The Rules:

IF it is a Spoiler, Spoiler meaning has NOT aired yet put it behind an lj cut!

IF it has aired PERIOD! where you live, and you want to talk about it feel free! No cuts needed. If you haven't seen the episode yet then DO not read the community or your friends list If you intend on adding it to your friends list. I will not make people have to cut everything just cause some people taped it or whatnot. I 2 tape it once in a while and I do NOT go on LJ AT ALL until after I have watched it!

Other then that have fun, and please be respect of peoples opinions! Thanks!

If you have any questions about these rules, or if you need to speak to me just leave a comment on here, on my journal cowboy4life83 or email me! Or if im not around try, my co-moderator dulce_angelita Thanks and have a great day!

One exception if you live in canada, please wait until it has aired at least in the US in one time zone.

Here is a list of the characters:

Current Cast:
Belle Black-Kiriakis
John Black
Marlena Evans Black
Bo Brady
Hope Williams Brady
Sami Brady
Shawn Brady
Shawn Douglas Brady
Steve *Patch* Johnson
Kayla Brady-Johnson
Stephanie Brady
Chelsea Benson (Brady)
Max Brady
Frankie Brady
Carrie Brady-Roberts
Lexie DiMera Carver
Theo Carver
Theo Carver Jr.
Jack Deveraux Jr.
Jennifer Horton Deveraux
Abby Deveraux
Abe Carver
Jack Deveraux
Maggie Horton
Caroline Brady
Roman Brady
Doug Williams
Alice Horton
Stefano DiMera (apparently deceased?)
Alice Horton
Mickey Horton
Philip Kiriakis
Victor Kiriakis
Austin Reed
Bonnie Lockhart
Mimi Lockhart-Brady
Patrick Lockhart
Celeste Perrault
Kate Roberts
Lucas Roberts
Will Roberts
Julie Williams
Claire Kiriakis

Past Characters:
Zack Theo Brady (Isaac) (deceased)
Brady Black
Rex Dimera Brady
Cassie Dimera Brady
Tony Dimera(apparently deceased)
Chloe Lane
Jan Spears
Nicole Walker
Vivian Alamain
Nicholas Alamain
Susan Banks
Elvis Banks
Isabella Toscano Black (deceased)
Kristen Blake-DiMera
Peter Blake
Eric Brady
Kim Brady
Samantha Brady (deceased)
Edmund Crumb
Daphne DiMera (deceased)
Addie Horton (deceased)
Tom Horton (deceased)
Laura Horton
Bill Horton
Mike Horton
Franco Kelly (deceased)
Ivan Marais
Barb Reiber
Glenn Reiber
JT Brady Reiber
Curtis Reed (deceased)
Bille Reed
Dr. Rolf (deceased)
Greta Von Amburg
Fay Walker
Brandon Walker
Larry Welch
Nancy Wesley
Craig Wesley
Susan (teen)
Jason (teen)
Kevin (teen)

If you know of any i forgot please tell