chaos_unfurled (redemption_song) wrote in daysoolives,

question for mods

I just joined this comm. long time days fan, first time poster...
so i was checking out your list of past and present characters, and under past characters you have Samantha Brady (deceased) are you talking about the same samantha brady or are you talking about Samantha Evans, Marlena's twin that was killed by the salem strangler (althoug that was before i started watching)

brief intro:
i got into days in gr 8. i went to my friends time share condo with her and her mom right after our grade 8 garduation for a week. her mom tapped days, i asked her about it one day, and she sat me and my friend down for 2 hours and went through the entire days history with me, and since then i've been hooked even through the crap virtual garden of eden, and the dreaded Island of people who never really died. my only hope for this show is that steffano comes back, we need a villian, and tony was good but he's certainly no steffano...
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